Why Is a Move-In Cleaning of Your New Home Important?

Moving is not easy. You have to find a suitable new place that is spacious enough and conveniently located, and if you were renting, need to leave your previous rental in a decent condition. You then need to pack and move your stuff, which can be very stressful! But before you can make the transition, there is one more step: you need to make sure your new home is clean and fresh before you move in your family and belongings. This is where a move-in cleaning in Toronto comes in. 

In previous articles, we explained what move-out cleanings are and why performing a move-out cleaning is essential if you want to prevent unnecessary complications during your move. Now we’ll expand on the topic of move-related cleaning services by taking an in-depth look at move-in cleanings. Read on! 

What is a move-in clean?

In the cleaning industry, a move-in cleaning is a special kind of cleaning service that is performed on a property shortly before the new owners or tenants move into it. 

In addition to protecting your and your loved ones’ health, a move-in cleaning also makes your move considerably easier. By having professionals take care of the cleaning beforehand, you’ll be able to bring your belongings into the property without having to worry about dust and filth. You have enough to worry about with preparing to move, and having someone else take care of the cleaning takes a load off of your plate.

What is included in a move-in cleaning?

A move-in cleaning is an excellent opportunity to thoroughly clean parts of a property that aren’t normally accessible due to bulky furniture and area rugs being in the way. As a result, it always pays to go the extra mile when cleaning a place before moving in. 

During a typical move-in cleaning, the cleaner will:

  • Mop all floors
  • Vacuum all floors 
  • Remove build-up and cobwebs
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms
  • Clean bathtubs, showers, tiles, grout and tackle mold or mildew
  • Clean drains, faucets, sinks
  • Clean and sanitize high touch areas like door handles, doorknobs, wall plates, light switch covers
  • Clean window sills, baseboards, ledges
  • Clean blinds and dust shutters
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Wash doors, door frames, window frames
  • Clean kitchen countertops and appliances inside and out
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom drawers and cabinets inside and out
  • Wash or spot clean the walls (as requested)
  • Polish chrome, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Throw out the garbage

Of course, professional cleaning services give their clients the opportunity to further customize their service by adding service extras, such as sweeping the porch and/or balcony, etc.

Do I need to clean my house before moving in?

Although there’s no law that says you must clean a home before moving in, doing so is strongly advised for a number of different reasons, with health concerns being on top of the list. 

After all, the people who lived in your new home before you may not have been diligent about cleaning the place as you would like them to have been, which could pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. With COVID-19 being able to survive on different surfaces, the threat is more real now than ever before. 

Even if you’re moving into a newly renovated home, it may be that the post-construction cleaning was not performed to the highest professional standards. Renovation contractors may not to clean to the level of detail of a cleaning professional. By thoroughly cleaning the place before you arrive, move-in cleaning professionals can help you keep you and your loved ones safe.

Where can I schedule a first-rate move-in cleaning in Toronto?

What is included in a move in cleaningAre you looking to ensure your new place in Leaside is squeaky clean and ready for your family to move in? Or maybe you’re in need of some other cleaning service, such as deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, or vacation rental cleaning?

Whatever your cleaning needs may be, we will be happy to cater to them. Our cleaning professionals will show up at your Toronto home and make the dust and dirt disappear before you know it. Give Maid Near Me a call and book your cleaning today!