4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Home Cleaning Routine

The discovery of the germ theory is one of the most important scientific advancements of all time. Aside from having a tremendous impact on medical science as a whole, it also made us all aware of how vital an in-depth home cleaning and hygiene routine is for our collective health. 

Unfortunately, knowing that cleaning is crucial for our well-being doesn’t change the fact that doing it properly takes a lot of time and energy. And while hiring a maid service in Toronto is an easy and effective way to solve this problem, it’s far from the only thing you can do. We previously explained why people use cleaning services and what to look for in a cleaning company. Now we’ll give you 4 tried-and-true tips on how to clean your home faster. 

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What is the fastest way to clean my messy house?

What should I clean first in my houseIt goes without saying that having the right tool for the job is of paramount importance when it comes to cleaning your home quickly. Using appropriate supplies in a correct way will not only make cleaning easier and prevent you from accidentally damaging your belongings, but also keep you safe from toxic emissions

Here are the top 4 ways to speed up your cleaning:

1. Gather all your cleaning supplies beforehand

Grab an easy-to-carry bag or basket, and fill it with all the cleaning supplies you’ll need before you start cleaning. This will spare you the unnecessary trips to the laundry room. 

2. Make a checklist

By taking the time to create an in-depth cleaning checklist for your home, you’ll be creating a blueprint for your cleanings. This way, you’ll be able to clean your home “on autopilot” without the risk of forgetting to clean any important areas or surfaces.

3. Top-to-bottom cleaning approach

Always start with the highest areas first (eg., light fixtures, tallest shelves, tops of cabinets) and then work your way down to the lowest ones. This will cause all the excess dust and grime to drift down to the floor, where it can be quickly vacuumed and mopped up at the end of your cleaning. 

4. Let the pros take care of it

Professional cleaners have infinitely more cleaning experience than the average homeowner ever could. This enables them to achieve superb cleaning results in a very short amount of time. If you need a sparkling clean home ASAP, there’s no better way to go about it than by having an expert take care of it. 

What should I clean first in my house?

As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to clean the messiest rooms in your home first. This way, the cleaning will become progressively easier as you go along, which will in turn reduce the possibility of you getting tired and demoralized. 

Also, you should always finish one floor first before moving on to the next. This will keep you from having to lug heavy cleaning supplies around any more than you absolutely have to. 

Where can I find a reputable maid service in Toronto?

No matter how much you speed it up, your home cleaning may still take more time than you can spare. If this is your situation, don’t hesitate to give Maid Near Me a call. We make it our mission to provide the good people of Toronto with a smoothly coordinated cleaning service.

Your cleaning professional will happily give you the gift of a truly pristine home while you focus on your other obligations or enjoy a family trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Book your cleaning today!