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Maid service that focuses on you

Main Near Me is your go-to solution for expert home cleaning in Richmond and the nearby areas. A Maid Near Me cleaning professional will make your home sparkling clean and absolutely healthy for you and your family. Every aspect of the house cleaning service is completely customizable and personalized to your needs, and you can select how often you want your cleaner to come to your home and which cleaning tasks they should do.

The cleaning products you want

Every Maid Near Me cleaning pro places safety as the utmost priority, which is why they will only use cleaning products you choose and provide. Your cleaner wants to prevent the transference of harmful pathogens and cross-contamination to your Richmond home, and the only way to do that is to have you provide fresh cleaning supplies per your liking. At Maid Near Me, we do all we can to ensure maximum client safety alongside satisfaction.

Home cleaning service that leaves no stone unturned

In order to retain the highest possible standard of cleaning for each and every single one of our customers, Maid Near Me has created an extensive cleaning checklist that ensures an identical comprehensive approach to every cleaning task. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for standard house cleaning, or for deep cleaning services – you can rely on your cleaner to carefully remove grime and dust and to eliminate any build-up through reliable cleaning procedures.

A wide array of detailed cleaning services

If you’re searching for a professional maid service that caters to residents of Richmond and the surrounding areas, you should look no further than Maid Near Me.

Home maintenance

One-time deep


Office & commercial

Move in/out


We make no compromises with your satisfaction

At Maid Near Me, the job’s done once you are completely satisfied with the result your cleaner has done. That is why we offer a 24-hour window of opportunity to let us know if you’re not happy with the house cleaning service your cleaner has rendered. We will quickly send a cleaning professional to your Richmond residence to re-clean any areas that are not to your satisfaction at no additional cost. You can’t put a price on happiness.

Clean homes, happy customers

Since I have to clean up after my two kids, and two huskies, keeping a clean home is nearly impossible. At least it was before I discovered Maid Near Me. Now I have time for both relaxing and work as my cleaners come every week and do a great job each time. I would definitely recommend this company.

- Charlotte, Vancouver, BC

When I first hired Maid Near Me, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to return from a busy day to find every part of my home sparkling clean. The cleaners always do a fantastic job and make my day-to-day life so much easier. Once you try Maid Near Me, you never want to go back!

- Ellie, Vaughan, ON

I hired Maid Near Me when I moved into my new home and was so impressed with the results that I chose to book them again and again! The cleaners are friendly and meticulous, and I had ZERO issues with them. Love it!

- Taylor, Ajax, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a basic cleaning include?

When booking premium house cleaning services in Richmond or the nearby areas, you need to know what kind of tasks a basic maid service includes. The following is a list of all the cleaning tasks your cleaning professional will tackle during a regular home cleaning:

  • Cobweb removal
  • General dusting
  • Light fixture dusting
  • Vacuuming carpets, floors, and rugs
  • Mopping floors
  • Replacing liners and emptying trash cans
  • Wiping high-touch areas – light switches, door handles, etc.
  • Scrubbing down and sanitizing all bathroom fixtures
  • Cleaning glass surfaces
  • Polishing glass surfaces
  • Cleaning appliance exteriors, cabinets, and countertops
  • Cleaning the inside of your microwave
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sinks

However, that’s not all. A Maid Near Me cleaning professional is able to do much more if you want it. We provide a variety of add-ons that offer additional house cleaning services should you need them. Just contact us and we’ll explain it all.

What is included in a deep house cleaning?

A standard house cleaning service is suitable for maintaining your Richmond home clean and free from any dust or dirt that inevitably appears over time. However, if you’ve never had your home cleaned by a professional, you might need to consider booking a deep cleaning service. 

Deep cleaning is designed to remove any accumulated dirt, dust, and built-up grime that require a more detailed approach. A deep cleaning service will thoroughly clean your home while also preparing it for regular basic cleaning procedures by your house cleaning professional.

At Maid Near Me, we know how dirt can seep into the most unusual of areas in your home, which is why we offer a completely customizable deep cleaning service in Richmond ready to tackle even the most demanding of cleaning conundrums. Tell us what kind of deep cleaning you need, and your experienced Maid Near Me cleaner will handle it.

How often should a cleaner come?

The frequency of professional house cleaning in Richmond is up to you. Some clients like to have their home cleaned by a cleaning professional every week, while others prefer bi-weekly or monthly cleaning appointments.

However, if you’ve got small children with regular spills, splatters and sticky fingerprints, or if you’re a pet lover, you should consider increasing the frequency of cleaning appointments. The more traffic and use a home gets, the more frequently it needs to get cleaned. 

If you’ve thought of hiring a cleaning lady, and are unsure how often a cleaner should come to your home, you can contact Maid Near Me and have a consultation. We will give you advice on how often you should book house cleaning services, and explain it to you. We want your home sparkling clean all the time.

How much should you tip a maid?

Tipping your home cleaner is always appreciated. Tipping shows that you care and that you’re satisfied with the end results. It’s not about the money, it’s about the sentiment.

But how much should you tip? It all depends on the situation and the amount of work the cleaner’s done for you. If the same cleaner comes to your home every week, you could reserve a larger tip for the end of each month. 

However, you can tip the usual 15-20% of the price of the house cleaning service. Anything more should be reserved for occasions when you’re over the moon with the home cleaning results.

Every Maid Near Me house cleaning professional is there to do the best possible cleaning job. We strive to ensure that the same cleaner comes to your home every week. We know how seeing familiar faces is important when it comes to developing strong professional relationships.

Who offers the best house & condo cleaning near me in Richmond, BC & beyond?

Maid Near Me is a reputable provider of comprehensive basic and deep house cleaning services across the Greater Vancouver Area. We can get you in touch with the most dependable and experienced cleaning professionals in the business. It doesn’t matter if you live in Stevenson or Golden Village. We will send cleaners to your home in no time. And that’s not all. We also provide:

Maid Near Me cleaning professionals are here for all your needs across the Greater Vancouver Area. Contact us today and tell us where you want them.