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When entrusting your home to a cleaning company, you want to be certain that it possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to meet your needs and requirements. With Maid Near Me, this goes without saying because our management brings more than ten years of experience to the table and knows what it takes to keep our clients satisfied. Whether you want to book our standard house cleaning package or need a deep cleaning service in Pickering, you may schedule your appointments online with just a few clicks.

Your safety is guaranteed

To avoid cross-contamination, your Maid Near Me cleaner won’t ever use the same cleaning supplies across Pickering households. Instead, they will utilize the products and tools provided by you. We don’t want to risk transferring dangerous viruses and harmful pathogens from other houses to your home, and we also want to allow you to choose the cleaning supplies according to your individual preferences. Of course, if you need any help with this, we will be happy to recommend some of the cleaning solutions that we know are efficient and safe to use.

Maid service in Pickering leaves no stone unturned

At Maid Near Me, we go well beyond standard and deep house cleaning and provide a variety of expert cleaning services, including Airbnb, move-in/move-out, and post-renovation cleaning. Furthermore, depending on your individual needs, you can customize your cleaning schedule and opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments. Our cleaning professionals have all passed an extensive vetting process and are well-versed in performing all kinds of condo cleaning tasks throughout Pickering.

Seize the perks of our diverse cleaning service

Whether you hire us to provide you with comprehensive apartment, house, condo, or commercial property cleaning services in Pickering, you should expect nothing less than utmost professionalism, undivided attention, and a detail-oriented approach.

Home maintenance

One-time deep


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Your satisfaction comes first

At Maid Near Me, we want to make sure that all our clients feel appreciated and know that they can contact us about any issue or concern they might have. To protect your interests and ensure the top-quality house and condo cleanings throughout Pickering, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every service we provide our customers with. What this means is that if you happen to be dissatisfied with your maid service for whatever reason, you can contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning, and we will correct the mistake at no additional charge.

Clean homes, happy customers

Since I have to clean up after my two kids, and two huskies, keeping a clean home is nearly impossible. At least it was before I discovered Maid Near Me. Now I have time for both relaxing and work as my cleaners come every week and do a great job each time. I would definitely recommend this company.

- Charlotte, London, ON

When I first hired Maid Near Me, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to return from a busy day to find every part of my home sparkling clean. The cleaners always do a fantastic job and make my day-to-day life so much easier. Once you try Maid Near Me, you never want to go back!

- Ellie, Vaughan, ON

I hired Maid Near Me when I moved into my new home and was so impressed with the results that I chose to book them again and again! The cleaners are friendly and meticulous, and I had ZERO issues with them. Love it!

- Taylor, Ajax, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when hiring a cleaning service?

When hiring your home cleaning company in Pickering, you need to consider different aspects of their service, familiarize yourself with their checklist, cleaning methods, and staff. These are some of the crucial things that you should be looking for when hiring condo cleaning services:

  • Carefully vetted cleaning professionals
  • Excellent customer care
  • Secure online payment option
  • Simple booking procedure
  • A possibility to customize your cleaning package with different add-ons
  • Diverse cleaning services
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

As one of the leading house cleaning companies in the Great Toronto Area, Maid Near Me can promise you all of the above and more. Our client-centered approach allows us to focus on your unique needs and customize our cleaning checklist accordingly. Visit our website today and see for yourself!

What is included in a regular house cleaning?

A standard house cleaning routine consists of a variety of different cleaning chores performed by your trusted cleaning professional on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It usually follows a deep cleaning appointment that is designed to eliminate any ingrained dirt that you haven’t got around to tackling in a while.

Depending on the cleaning company that you hire in Pickering, you may expect slight differences in the cleaning chores that will be covered during each cleaning appointment. With Maid Near Me, you will get a carefully devised cleaning plan that will cover all the essential areas to provide a sparkling clean home. Here is what you can expect our cleaner to do:

  • Clean high-traffic and high-touch areas (door handles, knobs, railings)
  • Scrub and disinfect bathroom fixtures and floors
  • Clean the kitchen countertops, cabinets, appliance exteriors and sinks
  • Dust all the hard surfaces, pictures and decorative items
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Mop all floors
  • Empty trash cans

For more information on the regular cleaning service we provide, you can visit our website and discover what extra services you may add to your package for an even more comprehensive and enhanced cleaning experience.

How long will it take for a cleaner to deep clean my home?

Deep cleaning will always take more time than a standard maid service. Our cleaner will spend more time in every room of your home, removing any built-up dust, grime, and dirt from different surfaces that have become visible upon their careful inspection.

How much time our cleaner will need to deep clean your entire house will mostly depend on the following factors:

  • The size of your apartment, house, or condo
  • Whether it has been regularly maintained
  • Whether you have any special requirements and want to request any add-on services, and similar.

Maid Near Me’s cleaning professionals will go to great lengths to provide you with maximum results in the shortest possible time, without disrupting your daily plans. We have open communication with all our customers and value transparency, so whatever question you may have, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do I get rid of the dust in my condo?

No matter how much you clean, it seems that you can never get rid of all the dust for good. Perhaps, it’s time to entrust your condo cleaning to real cleaning professionals in Pickering – Maid Near Me.

Our trusted & skilled cleaner will go out of their way to keep your carpets properly vacuumed and dust all the hard surfaces and furniture around your home. Per your request, they will also tackle all those spots that gather a lot of dust, but that you might not have had enough time to clean by yourself, including your shutters, blinds, walls, window frames, and similar. With our help, you’ll finally be able to live in a dust-free and healthy home!

Where can I book a reliable house & condo cleaning service in Pickering?

If you live in the vicinity of Pickering Museum Village, anywhere near Altona Forest, or some other Pickering neighborhood, you may count on Maid Near Me professionals to take care of your cleaning chores for you. In addition to servicing this entire area, we offer dependable cleaning assistance in Ajax, as well as top-rated maid service in Whitby and trusted deep cleaning across Brampton.

What’s more, if you need our help with condo cleaning in the Vaughan area or want to schedule high-quality standard home cleaning in Richmond Hill, Maid Near Me has the right people for the job. Make sure to browse our website for more detailed information and to schedule your cleaning with ZERO hassle!