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Do you want a service that centres around you while taking into account any specific factors: your schedule and lifestyle, any associated budget, scope and time constraints or special requirements and preferences? Then book your customized cleaning service in Downtown Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area now! At Maid Near Me, we will give you a fully personalized customer experience through ongoing assistance and support, saving you valuable time and energy week in, week out.

Tailor-made cleaning service

Your service can be fully adapted to your desired level of cleaning without putting a huge dent in your budget. Whether you have a tiny studio apartment, a single-bedroom condo or a spacious family home that you want cleaned to a professional standard, you can design your own home cleaning service package. You can also set a cleaning service schedule which best suits your day-to-day needs. Finally, our cleaner will also use your preferred cleaning supplies to dispel your fears of cross-contamination and other safety risks.

Professional & reliable

The experienced Maid Near Me management team has a responsibility to you. To ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind, we thoroughly screen our cleaners and provide you with quick quotes based on a simple form you can complete online any time of day or night. At Maid Near Me, we leave nothing to chance: we plan all aspects of the service with attention to detail, in the best interest of your safety and satisfaction.

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Your Maid Near Me professional will be meticulous when providing your desired cleaning service, be it the initial deep cleaning of your condo, weekly cleaning of your office in Downtown Toronto or the more demanding move in cleaning service. Just say the word!

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We prioritize your satisfaction

Our relations with our clients are built on trust, honesty and integrity. We work hard to maintain our strong reputation as a leading house cleaning service platform among residents of Downtown Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and we prove our reliability and commitment to doing a quality job. A part of this customer-oriented strategy is a rapid response to any complaints you may have: let us know if you’re unhappy within 24 hours and we’ll resolve the situation at no additional charge with a reclean of areas of concern arranged as soon as possible.

Clean homes, happy customers

Since I have to clean up after my two kids, and two huskies, keeping a clean home is nearly impossible. At least it was before I discovered Maid Near Me. Now I have time for both relaxing and work as my cleaners come every week and do a great job each time. I would definitely recommend this company.

- Charlotte, London, ON

When I first hired Maid Near Me, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to return from a busy day to find every part of my home sparkling clean. The cleaners always do a fantastic job and make my day-to-day life so much easier. Once you try Maid Near Me, you never want to go back!

- Ellie, Vaughan, ON

I hired Maid Near Me when I moved into my new home and was so impressed with the results that I chose to book them again and again! The cleaners are friendly and meticulous, and I had ZERO issues with them. Love it!

- Taylor, Ajax, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean a 3 bedroom house?

Although cleaning a 3-bedroom house in Downtown Toronto will normally take longer than cleaning a one-bedroom condo near Massey Hall, the service duration depends mainly on the level and frequency of your home’s current cleaning and maintenance service. Aside from the size of your household, factors which may after the duration of your recurring house or condo cleaning service in Downtown Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area include the number of people in the household and the amount of maintenance you do in between, as well as your own lifestyle and typical daily schedule. The initial deep clean is more time-consuming in and of itself as it tackles any build-up that has accumulated.

If you are concerned with how much of your free time the cleaning will take up, worry not. If you wish, we can arrange for the cleaning to take place on a weekday when you are not at home, so you can have your perfectly fresh and clean home all to yourself when you get back.

How to cancel a cleaning service?

We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise and you may need to reschedule your cleaning service or cancel it altogether. If things get hectic and you may need to make last-minute changes to your scheduled home cleaning in Downtown Toronto, please try to modify or cancel your booking request as soon as possible so as to avoid potential late cancelation fees which apply.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

Deep cleaning is recommended for the initial cleaning when there is demanding build-up to tackle or when you want to make sure your home is clean and safe, while recurring cleaning is normally performed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis which is why it is referred to as maintenance cleaning. 

Both this standard cleaning package and the deep cleaning package are done following a checklist tailored to your Downtown Toronto home. If you’re diligent about keeping up with your cleaning and maintenance routine, there will not be much build-up to tackle to begin service.

How do I book recurring cleaning service in Downtown Toronto?

If you are constantly pressed for time, cleaning is probably the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day, and you clearly need a helping hand around your home. The problem is that finding a reliable cleaner to take over the cleaning of your Toronto home takes time, too. But Maid Near Me has a solution: a transparent and honest professional home cleaning service available at competitive prices.

Our carefully screened cleaning professional will take a comprehensive and fastidious approach to the cleaning of your home with a high level of professionalism throughout. At Maid Near Me, we bring you a flexible booking platform and well-coordinated customer support. 

We will handle all the arrangements to ensure your absolute satisfaction whether you book a one-time cleaning for your house in Markham, maintenance cleaning of your family home in Richmond Hill, highly reliable cleaning service for your condo in London, detailed cleaning for your home in Peterborough, or prompt and efficient cleaning of your hip condo in Downtown Toronto. Book your cleaning today!