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Maid service that brings experience and expertise

Maid Near Me is the leader when it comes to providing premium house cleaning services in Coquitlam and the nearby areas. We boast more than 10 years in the cleaning business, and we are familiar with the ins and outs of it. We provide experienced and reliable cleaning professionals that deliver a personalized house cleaning service up to the extremely high standards of Maid Near Me. Tell us your needs, and we will devise the most suitable cleaning solutions for you.

Your safety is our top priority

Maid Near Me strives to deliver not only the most thorough house cleaning services in all of Coquitlam and the nearby area, but also the safest one. We eliminate any potential for cross-contamination from home to home and the introduction of harmful pathogens by having your cleaner use only the cleaning supplies you provide. This is the only way to make sure your home gets a completely healthy cleaning treatment and that you’re able to rest easy knowing we care for you and your family members. Maid Near Me takes no chances with your health.

Maid services for every detail

Maid Near Me provides the finest house cleaning services in all of Coquitlam and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a basic home cleaning service, or you need comprehensive deep cleaning services, a Maid Near Me cleaning professional will make sure your home is spotless once they’re done with it. All Maid Near Me pros have experience in performing a variety of cleaning tasks. We take the time to vet all cleaners to make sure only the most qualified cleaner arrives at your home.

A wide range of personalized cleaning services in Coquitlam

Your Maid Near Me professional cleaner will do all they can to get your house, commercial property, or condo spotless quickly and efficiently.

Home maintenance

One-time deep


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Your complete satisfaction is our only goal

At Maid Near Me, we like to build a good rapport with all our customers, and we can only do that if your house cleaner brings their A-game every single time. We offer the most thorough house cleaning services in Coquitlam and the surrounding areas to ensure you’re as happy as you can be once your cleaner is through. However, if you’re unhappy with the home cleaning service you’ve received, you can always contact our customer support and let us know what’s wrong. We’ll dispatch a Maid Near Me cleaning professional immediately to re-clean the problematic areas completely free of charge. We’ve built a strong reputation, and we want it to last.

Clean homes, happy customers

Since I have to clean up after my two kids, and two huskies, keeping a clean home is nearly impossible. At least it was before I discovered Maid Near Me. Now I have time for both relaxing and work as my cleaners come every week and do a great job each time. I would definitely recommend this company.

- Charlotte, Vancouver, BC

When I first hired Maid Near Me, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to return from a busy day to find every part of my home sparkling clean. The cleaners always do a fantastic job and make my day-to-day life so much easier. Once you try Maid Near Me, you never want to go back!

- Ellie, Vaughan, ON

I hired Maid Near Me when I moved into my new home and was so impressed with the results that I chose to book them again and again! The cleaners are friendly and meticulous, and I had ZERO issues with them. Love it!

- Taylor, Ajax, ON

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you have your house cleaned?

Maid Near Me can assist you in determining the optimal frequency of professional house cleaning visits. How often you should have a professional cleaner come to your Coquitlam home to perform premium home cleaning services depends on the following criteria:

  • The size of your home
  • The people living in your home
  • The characteristics of your lifestyle, e.g. pets, number of kids, etc.
  • Your own personal preference concerning the frequency of professional cleaning efforts

Once a Maid Near Me cleaning professional performs an initial deep cleaning service for your home, we’ll consult with you to organize a monthly cleaning schedule that will suit your needs best. We’ll make sure to work around your busy schedule and to accommodate all the wishes into the cleaning routine of your cleaner. We give all our clients a completely personalized cleaning service in Coquitlam and the surrounding neighborhoods.

How long does it take to deep clean a house?

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the duration of a deep clean, so providing a general estimate for every household across Coquitlam and the nearby area is very difficult, verging on impossible.

The two main factors that influence how long a deep cleaning service will take are:

  • The frequency of professional house cleaning – The less frequently a professional cleaner comes to clean your home, the more time it takes to remove build-up that accumulates and the longer the amount of time needed for a deep cleaning..
  • The size of the household – a bigger home has more rooms and objects to clean, and simply takes more time.

Deep cleaning services involve taking care of dirt and dust to a greater extent than regular cleaning. Although it’s impossible to give a complete estimate, you can consider these two factors when trying to determine how long a home cleaner is going to be present at your home.

Maid Near Me sends only the most experienced cleaning professionals who are able to handle any cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently, no matter how difficult it may be. The cleaners we send to your home will try to do their job in a timely manner, and be out of your hair in no time.

Is deep cleaning worth it?

Deep cleaning definitely is completely worth every cent you spend on it. Deep cleaning takes care of accumulated dirt, dust, and grime that you might not even be aware is around your home. It takes professionals to truly make a home sparkle, and hiring an experienced cleaning lady or house cleaner to perform a deep clean of your home is a sound investment every single time. 

All Maid Near Me cleaning professionals know all the nooks and crannies dirt likes to hide in, and they make sure they clean them thoroughly. We want you to be completely satisfied with the deep cleaning service your cleaner will provide, which is why we make an exhaustive deep cleaning checklist for all our customers across Coquitlam. Book Maid Near Me and shine a new light on your home.

What are the most common cleaning tasks?

There are some general cleaning tasks the majority of home cleaners are well-versed in completing, and they include:

  • Vacuuming of your entire household
  • Cleaning of the entire bathroom, toilets included
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Mopping the floors
  • A couple of smaller additional tasks you’ve requested

Maid Near Me provides only with the most dedicated cleaning professionals in Coquitlam and the nearby areas who always maximize their home cleaning efforts in order to provide you with a spotless home. They will do the most in the time you’ve given them, and we are certain you will be completely satisfied with their house cleaning service.

What is the leading house cleaning company near me in Coquitlam & the nearby area?

When you’re searching for the most dependable house cleaning professionals in the greater Vancouver area, you should look no further than Maid Near Me. The cleaning pros we work with will make your home shine, no matter if you live near Burquitlam or Westwood Plateau. We will dispatch a cleaner who you can count on to make your home shine.

And there’s more still. Not only do we cater to the residents of Coquitlam and the surrounding area, but we also offer:

Maid Near Me is your go-to professional cleaning company all over the Greater Vancouver Area, and we will send qualified house cleaning pros to your location when you need them. Reach out to us today and tell us your location.