5 Tips for Finding a Cleaning Company

So you’ve decided to outsource your home cleaning to a professional cleaning company. Excellent choice! In addition to providing you with faster and better cleanings, reputable cleaning services in Toronto save your precious time, improve your long-term indoor air quality, and help keep your home germ-free during the coronavirus crisis. 

But how do you decide which cleaning company to hire? Is there anything about your home that you should take into account when hiring cleaning experts? What makes one cleaning service better than another, anyway? 

Many homeowners wonder about these things when searching for a reliable cleaning company. In order to help you out, we wrote a brief guide on the top 5 things to look for when scheduling a cleaning service. Read on!

What should I look for when hiring a cleaner?

What should I look for when hiring a cleanerIt goes without saying that any cleaning company you consider hiring should have at least 10 years of industry experience. They should work solely with skilled local cleaners who have been thoroughly screened. 

Cleaning professionals are expected to demonstrate job commitment and do their best to do their job effectively. They normally do this by following proven residential cleaning checklists. But they should also demonstrate flexibility and be willing to customize the cleaning service in a way that perfectly fits your home and your specific cleaning needs. For instance, they should offer various add-on services and leave the choice of cleaning supplies to you. 

Aside from that, here are the top 5 signs of a quality cleaning service:

1. Safety

Whenever you book a cleaning, you’re essentially letting strangers into your home. This naturally makes many homeowners uncomfortable. Trusted cleaning companies are fully aware of this, which is why they extensively screen prospective cleaners to ensure maximum reliability. 

This vetting process should include:

  • Online screening
  • A phone interview
  • A face to face interview
  • Background and reference check

2. 100% satisfaction guarantee

Trusted cleaning companies will stop at nothing to make sure their customers are happy with the service they received. If your cleaner misses a spot, you should be able to give the cleaning company a call within 24 hours and have them send someone over to fix the problem free of charge.

3. Easy-to-use website and ability to get a quote

Quality cleaning services understand that their clients are busy people who don’t want to waste time browsing outdated websites. For this reason, they use an online form that allows you to request a quote 24/7.. 

Needless to say, these websites have the same functionality regardless of whether you’re accessing them using your phone, tablet or laptop. You won’t even have to be home when you book your cleaning!

4. They care about your wellbeing

Expert cleaners know that using the same tools and supplies in multiple homes can result in viruses, parasites, and other germs spreading from one house to another. To prevent cross-contamination, your cleaning team should use only your preferred cleaning equipment and products.

5. They’re eager to make you happy

A serious cleaning company is constantly looking for ways to provide more value to their clients. For this reason, they’re always interested in hearing what you think about the cleaning you received, and will use your feedback to further improve their services. 

Who provides first-in-class cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area?

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