3 Reasons to Book a Professional Move-In Cleaning Service

Picture the following scenario: you’ve spent weeks packing your belongings and making all the arrangements for your big moving day. You’ve been handling the paperwork and you’ve already found a new job for yourself and a new school for your kids. 

After finally getting to your new place, you’re eager to kick back and catch a much-needed, long-overdue break. But you can’t, because you’ve forgotten to clean the place before you arrived. Instead of relaxing, you now have to give your new home a thorough scrubbing before you can finally settle in.

Luckily, you can easily avoid this unpleasant situation by booking a Vancouver move-in cleaning service. But why should you hire professional cleaners instead of doing it yourself? What are the biggest reasons to schedule a move-in cleaning? Keep reading to find out! 

Why should I schedule a move-in cleaning?

Moving can be extremely stressful, so you’re going to need all the help you can get. This is where a move-in cleaning service comes in.

Here are the top 2 reasons why hiring a move in cleaning service is a great idea:

1. It safeguards your and your loved ones’ health

Whether you’re moving into a recently completed house you’ve purchased or you’ve just rented a well-lived-in apartment from a landlord, the reality is that other people were there before you. For all you know, the risk of cross-contamination is there, and a comprehensive cleaning is the only way you can be certain that your family’s health remains uncompromised. After an in-depth move-in cleaning beforehand, your new home will be clean and fresh and you will feel safe and comfortable. 

2. It makes your move much easier

Move-in cleanings tend to be pretty extensive. As a result, they require a lot of time and elbow grease. Can you really spare either of those while you’re in the middle of organizing a move? Probably not!

By outsourcing your move-in cleaning to the pros, you’ll make your move faster, less exhausting and less stressful. You’ll also get extra free time that you can use to deal with the other aspects of your move or to simply unwind with a quick jog along the seawall in Stanley Park

Should I hire a move-in cleaning service or do it myself?

The idea of performing your own move-in cleaning sounds good on paper. In practice, however, you’ll be too busy organizing your move, packing your stuff, handling the paperwork and dealing with your property manager, landlord or realtor, in addition to taking care of a million other details, to actually perform an extensive move-in cleaning.

Even if you can find the time to clean your new home to the best of your ability, you’ll probably be way too exhausted and preoccupied with your move to do a very good job. Things can get even more unmanageable if you also have to perform a move-out cleaning on your old home. The answer is simple: hire a move-in cleaning service and take at least one important task off your to-do list!

Where can I book a top-notch Vancouver move-in cleaning?

Should I hire a move in cleaning serviceWhether you’re in need of a professional move-in cleaning service, or you’re looking to schedule an extensive cleaning before putting your property up for sale, you can’t go wrong with Maid Near Me. 

We offer our clients a comprehensive, hassle-free cleaning service provided by cleaning industry professionals who use time-tested techniques and highly effective cleaning strategies to make your home sparkling clean. Book your cleaning today!